Welcome to the website of Elafos ceramics factory! The address for traditional handmade souvenirs from Rhodes.

The owner is very friendly and speaks English fairly well. You get a lot of information and you buy very nice ceramics for very little money.
Very good handmade traditional products. Variety of products. Many gift ideas. Very cheap. Good prices. Really very cheap after a tour around the island.

You do not necessarily have to go to Rhodes to buy ceramics from Elafos. In the new on-line shop you can admire and buy the work of Emmanouel Anastasou (Elafos).  Link to the webshop: ELAFOS RHODOS (cooperation with Citywall Trading)


About us

Elafos ceramics produces all of its products manually, making them all unique. With great attention to detail, we make the most beautiful ceramics of Rhodes. We use factory prices and you notice this immediately in your wallet.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Address: Epar.Od. Ialisou-Katavias 307, Petaloudes 851 06, Rhodes Greece